How to use wait queue time?


i have a process running via API call and I am using Open browser and passing the URL of that process.

now there are 4 process which needs to be run in loop.

how can I check that the robot should wait for running the 2nd process until the 1st one is completed ?

I thought to use ‘wait queue time’ but dont know how to use it…any clues ?


Wait queue item activity waits specifies the amount of time to look into the queue for data.

Scenario 1: One robot 4 workflows with 4 different queues.
Since you are using queues, after the first process is complete, use a loop get the status of 1 queue and check the status via API. If the status is successful or failed. Get data from next queue in a different workflow and complete the process. Do this for remaining two.

In this scenario 2nd 3rd and 4th workflows are in infinite loop with may be 60 second delay.

Scenario 2: Multiple robots 4 queues
This would be similar to first one except for the fact that 1st robot will trigger 2nd robot in orchestrator and you will have different processes. Same looping mechanism to check for queue status via API.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @rachrahul2 for the detailed explanation. I am novice in this product…not able to grasp much…

Can anyone explain how does this “Wait Queue Item” Activity works? I went though the documentation, but not able to relate/visualize the same. I am still wondering how does it work.

Again, same way i need to understand another Queue Activity “Set Transaction Progress”. I did understand that, it will create a custom progress status for IN PROGRESS status. For example, I need to check the changes status of that queue item, which I modified by using Set “Transaction Progress”. How to achieve that?

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