How to use two read range with "Add header" using uipath

Hi Guys,

I have different sheets in one excel in each sheet some row values to paste in another excel sheets specific row

I couldn’t able to use 2 read range activity “Add header” checked.

I need each sheet going to read ,but could able to read first sheet only

please can anyone help this.

Raja G

Hi @Raja.G

May I know the error that you are facing when read another sheet .

Use GetWorkbookSheets activity

Use For Each Activity to loop thru each sheet.

Thanks @Raja.G

Check the below link to red all sheets of excel


This is my error

“Read Range: A column named ‘.’ already belongs to this DataTable.”

Ok, you can build your own Datatable, also don’t include the headers in excel sheet, because It will throw the same exception already belongs to this DataTable


Hi @Raja.G

The cause of this error: data in first row is same with second row.

You need to read data from Excel files with specify range.
Please refer as below for guideline
(*Please chnge file path in below sample workflow first) (21.2 KB)

I hope it will be useful to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thanks, but yours code first activity i couldn’t able to see,

Hi @Raja.G

This activity is BalaReva EasyExcel Activities,
You can refer as below to install it

It is a very nice activity for handle excel.
I use it for find Last column name

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