How to use the instance of Excel in open instead of opening the same file


May I know how to use the instance of an excel file that is in open while using excel application scope because excel application scope opens a new instance of the same file?

Hi @Natarajan_Manojkumar,

I am not sure if I am getting right your question right But You can open the excel application scope at the very beginning and perform all the activities inside it this will not open same excel twice. Also we have a workbook property,


what you can do when you first time interact with that excel create a workbook variable for it as well and then moving forward in the code every time you need it you can use the existing workbook variable to work on the same excel instance.


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You can implement it within the same block
Assign the returned WorkBook from output to a variable and use it later again for the next EAS as ExistingWorkBook

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Thanks. Use existing workbook helps.

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