Excel Application Scope - Existing Workbook property

Hi All

I recently upgraded to 2021.10.3 in which Studio X Activities are displayed as “default”. I am trying to familializing myself more with Studio X Activities.

In Excel Application Scope Activity (in Classic), there used to be “Use Existing Workbook” option for workbook that has been already opened.

Use Excel File Activity doesn’t have such property.

How can we use Existing Workbook with Use Excel File Activity?


I think in for the use excel activity we don’t have option to use existing work book. if you want to use excel application scope activity please do the below steps.

GO to project settings → General ->Modern design experience → No then we will be able to use excel application scope.

Thank you for replying. If that doesn’t exist, I will activate Classic Activities from View Options to go back to Excel Application Scope Activity.

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