How to use Same excel instance using Modern activities

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can anyone tell
Is there a way to use the same instance of excel in different places using modern activities?

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Could you please elaborate the details

Hi @Shriharsha_H_N,

Actually i am opening the excel file in the init state and keeping it open using modern activities excel.
The same excel instance or reference has to be used in process state as well because i dont want to open the same excel again and again in process state.

As it was there in classic excel application scope to create variable for object for existing excel.
I want to know whether can we be able to use the same instance in multiple places of ref using modern excel activities.


Basically, we can handle it as same instance using excel filename, because an excel process cannot have 2 or more instances for a file. And ProcessMode of ExcelProcessScope might also help you for ensure to be opened by same excel process.



Hi @Yoichi,

Got it. Thank You.

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So if i used the same filename in process state, will it open again?


In the latest Use Excel File, there is KeepExcelFileOpen property and if we turn it on, excel file will be keep open even if exit UseExcelFile.


However, if we need to manipulate some action to the excel file, we need to use UseExcelFile again. (But as the file is still open, there is no overhead to open excel file.)

FYI, the following will help you regarding a way of closing the excel file.


Thank You so much @Yoichi. I will check it out.

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