How to use Text to Columns activity

I am using “Text to Columns” activity, but don’t know what kind of data should I input for the source or destination part.

In source select the range of cells that contain the text you are trying to split. Then in destination tell StudioX where to write the outputs. I used it today with Column C as Source and Column D as destination.

Hi John, I tried to select the full column, but it gets the error.

BTW, please kindly see below, I am using this activity in studio instead of studioX directly.

Did you use the “indicate in Excel” option and actually clicking on the A column? Or did you type in? I’ve always either used the advanced editor or clicked on the actual column.

Hi John, I cannot see “indicate in Excel” option, need me to type.

This is how it looks in StudioX. I don’t know about Studio.

Regardless I think its a formatting issue with how you are indicating the column. ExcelFileName.Sheet(“SheetName”).Range(“C:C”) is the formatting in the Advanced Editor. It’s probably not able to figure out what column you want to select as the source because you dont have the File Name and Sheet Name parameters in your current formatting.


That’s what the formatting looks like in StudioX. I would assume the language would look the same in Studio.

Thanks John, I know how to use it now, ExcelFileName.Sheet(“SheetName”).Range(“C:C”), this would help. And BTW, we can use formula too refer to Delete txt file row character starting with ! and use "Text to column" with delimiter! - #5 by NIVED_NAMBIAR

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