How to use switch control flow?



Can anyone please share the program with how to use switch flow?
I want to replace month name with month number
for example 08 sep 2017 replace “sep” with “/09/”.
and so on for every month.
i want to make cases for all 12 months.

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There’re a couple ways to do that.

Here’s a example with 2 months to be replaced (jan and feb). Try to do the rest on your own! Any doubts please let me know.

Link: changeMonth_Example (Flow switch).xaml (12.3 KB)

Hope It Helps!


@EDIT: If you can’t download with a single click on the link. Click right and select “Save As”


hi Lucas yes it works

Thank you
but i can not attach month dec as there are 12 nodes to switch statement and assigning first “month” where initial input is given takes one node already.


Okay. You can use “Switch” instead of “Flow Switch” to add as many condition as you need :smiley:






it says jan is not a valid value for int32 :frowning:


Just change on the property to “String”

Good Luck with your automation!


now it works thank you :slight_smile:


I know this is already solved… but there is one more option using assign activity with - Date.ParseExact(StrDate, “dd MMM yyyy”, System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo.InvariantInfo).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)