How to use Select Item in Upgraded UIpath

How do I use a variable in the new Select Item activity. It looks like it has scraped the whole list, into UiStudio, into the actual activity itself. I’m using a dynamic variable, followed by a wildcard symbol. Like: ProductName + “*” Because that’s what I want it to select.

It’s saying that the attribute is not supported for that activity.

have you tried assigning these two into a variable before passing it into the selector field? You should be able to build a selector this way. Below is an example of a string variable and int32 that i am able to combine with the selector portions to turn into a full selector


I’m just confused about it because all of my select Item activities were working properly before this. The only ones that aren’t working, are the ones that contain a variable. And I apologize, The wildcard symbol is included in the variable. I didn’t concatenate it in.

My variable is set up correctly, but yeah. This is what I keep getting. Not sure how to fix it. I’d like to just figure out how to use this activity instead of completely changing it. Because I would have to also change a bunch of other ones.

I see… sorry, don’t think I can help here! The only thing I came across in the forum is this post, but doesn’t seem to be related to the issue you are running into. Good luck!

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