How to use row variable of for each in another for each


In my workflow there are two for each row loops means there is for each inside for each row .First for each roe loop is reading data from excel and second is reading from scapped data. How can i use row variable of 1 st loop inside 2 nd loop so i can fetch data .
I am getting following error
This is second for each row where i have to access row items from first loop
I am getting following error

Kindly help me for the same.

The error shows that the column ROLE is not present the the Datatable

yes that is inside the second for each row loop thats why error showing .First for each row fetchig data from excel and that excel contains role can i use that role from first for each row inside second

Can you post screenshot of both the for each row

it looks like you have a nested for each row. so just ensure that the loop variables are different named e.g. orow for outer for each row and irow for inner for each row

Thanks, worked .

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