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I am using StudioX to process a table retrieved from a Google Sheet and stored in a datatable variable. Need to type values from datatable in an app. I am using a For Each Row in Data Table activity to iterate through my dt.

Can’t seem to get it to show the column headers as properties of the ‘CurrentRow’, like in ‘For each Excel Row’ activity, even though i can input the headers manuallythe For Each Row Activity. Moreover, i am not shown the CurrentRow variable in the context menu of the Type into activity.

I’ve also created a string variable and tried assigning a value from CurrentRow, same result. I know i can use the Advanced Editor but i’m wondering why i can’t use CurrentRow as a variable with the header names i provide.

Any suggestions are helpful, thank you!!


This is an interesting feature :slight_smile:

The longer explanation would be that the for each row in data table is using the DataRow type

As opposed to for example for each row in excel which uses our own code ( ok sweat , blood and tears )

and when we designed the plus button we wanted to make sure that we filter the inputs so that it would be less confusing for the citizen developers . We were aware when we added the google sheets capabilities that we would have to use the for each row in data table ( with all it’s limitations as you have noticed ) for obtaining the same functionality as in excel and we are working on closing the gap .


Hi @dragos.suma and thank you for your response, it helped me reach a citizen dev friendly solution.
It got me thinking about the ‘Read Row Item’ and ‘Update Row Item’ activities.

And so, by specifying the header names in the ‘For Each Row in DataTable’ activity, when i use the plus button on ‘Read Row Item’, I get to choose from those, screenshot below.

I store the value in a newly created variable and then use that later in the workflow. Similar for ‘Update Row Item’. Store a value in a variable, then write it to the datatable using ‘Update Row Item’. It’s a bit more work compared to the Excel integration, but it works :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!

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