How to use "Retry Scope" Activity if an element does not exists?

Hi there.

In a pickle here.

I was using Retry Activity for a click event. Unfortunately its not working.
The case is click if an element is not showing.

Click that toggle(in Red) if the highlighted in blue is not showing.

Thanks in advance

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Use Check App State (modern) and put your click into the “when element doesn’t appear” branch.

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Hi @im_sre-ps,
We are using Retry when when something is giving exception.
For click first Use element exist and put bool variable in it. after element exist use if condition and put click activity in then block.
These activities put inside retry. In retry put bool variable. It will work

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if I get it right you want to click the selection bar in case it’s turned off
In that case, I feel like retrying clicking the button is not the best approach.
how about finding the element with the selection bar and create such a condition
that checks whether the element property is “on” or “off”.
inspect the website and check the appropriate property for the “on” and “off” cases

can you share the source code?

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@Lidor_Markovich always welcome. Happy learning❤

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