How to use Relationship field in Data Service to filter data in Uipath Apps

I have Created two entity in Data service

entity 1                           entity 2                               
uniqueValues -col         relationshipCol    randvalCol
xyz                                 xyz      rand1 - xyz    
abc                                 xyz      rand2 - xyz
                                    abc      rand3 - abc
                                    xyz      rand4 - xyz

now i need to create a filter function so if selected Value from (dropdown button) = any value which matches relationship col then show values of randvalcol

note - dropdown btn consist of values from entity 1


this is the filter function i used. (roles record is same as entity 2 table)

when I execute this i get The provided value for field [relAppName] is not of GUID format error
RelAppname type is relationship type

you need to Pass Id rather than App Name . then it will work.

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Hello @RpaNoobMax ,

you need to do as below.


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thank you, @Arvind_Kumar1
I have one more doubt. is it possible not to list any duplicate values in dropdown field in UiPath Apps.

for example → if source has values(abc, abc, xyz) then, in dropdown I want only (abc, xyz)

@RpaNoobMax ,

Distinct function is not available right now. In this scenario you need to validate data from duplicate so this issue will truncated.


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Hi, @Arvind_Kumar1
I am trying to update entity field which is in relationship data type. I m doing by using process as medium. So data type of input arguement is object(different entity). Input value is coming from UiPath apps dropdown field.

It shown like this. Do i need to add any value here?

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