Can we filter two entity data bind in relationship in single table using datasoure in uipath apps

I want to display records of two entity in single table using uipath apps
I have created customer and invoice entities and kept name(from customer) and company(invoice) in relationship. Using filter option can we join both entity in single table

@n.krishna.moorthy ,

Unfortunately you can’t do into Apps direct using function but you can use UiPath Process for it to do.

  1. Create Ui Path Process.
  2. Get value from two entity
  3. Merge into once and place output into one data table
    4 Return data table as output.
    5.BInd output with table into Apps.


Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1 , Is i am using correct filter condition. From "Invoices
" table I am filtering “company” column (which is in relationship with “name” field in Client table) using unique ID mapped in client Entity. How to pass two different ID? I need all data in Invoices Entity to display in Apps table.

Note: if i filter with single ID, i am getting data. And how to use “AND” function here.

This looks good to me.

But not getting data, if use two UID

Hi @n.krishna.moorthy,

You have to use “And” function in data source. You can refer the below image for reference.


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