Cannot filter data table based on drop down result

I want to filter a datatable from data service with a drop down menu based on the same datatable from the same data service entity.
I have imported my entity from data service (data table named: Dependencies).
In my drop down input field I have set the list source to my entity (Dependencies) and the column to “Automation”(String), nothing have been set in Selected Value Binding. For the datatable I have set the following in data source =fxFilter(Dependencies,[Automation,"=",Selected Automation]).

However i get the error: Entity error. The provided value for field Automation is not of GUID format.

Selected Automation is the value of the drop down menu.

I cant find anything about this in the documentation, so what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @kts1 - I believe this issue was fixed at the beginning of January, can you please check again?