How to use Open CV with Uipath

How to use Open CV with Uipath

can you please provide a bit more details, there are many ways to kill a cat, we do need to understand your objective at least or your use case?

Hi Developer12,
Can you please read this page.

Check if there are any courses about your question. The CV Training and Update course will show you the basics and have some examples which you can download.

Check the uipath docs section.

You can play with CV on a local server, or use the ApiKey from the cloud platform.

From there on, give it a try and see what questions you have after that.

That way it is easier for you to understand and for us to help/guide you.

I have a number of Pdf CVs around 1000-5000 each wit a different format and i need to parse some data through it like Name, Email, PhoneNumber

Hi @Developer12

Hope you find this link useful

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