No reply when using contact form on


I posted a question to your Sales department using the contact form on last week. This was the second time I’ve used the web site to get in contact. The first time I never got an answer at all and it’s been a couple of days now since my last inquiry and they haven’t replyed yet so I’m thinking I will not get an answer this time either.

I know this is not really a question for the forum but I hope there is someone here who can tell them to give this some attention? This is really affecting my impression about the company UiPath.

David Fredriksson

P.s For your information: I contacted Blue Prism with a similair question and they answered within a couple of hours.

Hi David,

Please contact me directly and I can assist you. Please don’t let this affect your opinion of UiPath, they are growing incredibly fast and are still improving all aspects of the company.




Hi! I have also tried twice to have licensing cost information to allocate budget and no answer!


José Alegria

Again, please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss.

Kind Regards,


@richarddenton Hi,
We are new here. We also send questions to your sales team of UiPath, but no answers.
By the way, How to contact your directly?

Just post or reply?

Thanks in advance!

You can send me a DM. :slight_smile:

thanks, Richard. We are interest in learning uipath, we want to know the frequency, method, price of advanced developer certification, please answer these items we concerned? Best regards

Hi Richard,
I have sent a DM and also reply from the email you send me, could you please check if you got them or not?

Thank you very much!Richard. We are enterprise group but only 2 people limilted to attend the training


I want to know about the licence cost of uipath and number of user for per licences and all. Could you please let me know whether I can react out to the above email id provided?


Me too. I raised the request several times. No answer at all!