How to use only Argument in another workflow


How to Use only Argument value from one flow to another workflow?
I have a workflow which gets transaction item from the queue(one value) and I want use the value in another workflow. If I use Invoke workflow activity, it calls the whole workflow again and the queue will be null when it is invoked for the second time.

For example, I have a queue with one item(date & value). I want to use this value in two workflows. Kindly help.

If i get this right, you read from the queue and then want to use that in 2 other workflow?
If yes dosent really matter, once you get the item fro the queue you have its value in a variable which you can use as many times in one execution.

And, If you have read it from the queue you dont have to do it again. its in a queueitem variable which you can map to arguments of one or many workflows


Thank you. It really helped.

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good to know :slight_smile:

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