Transaction Item as string

Hi, I need to take input from user to generate a report. There are total 10 reports
So user will select one report from a list of 10 and based on selection of input, the report gets generated.
I want to store this input as string in Transaction item(data type of Transaction item is string) in RE Framework. And based on this transaction item input I want to process the report. How can I do that and what will be the data type of Transaction Data? What should be the structural organization of this requirement?

@Palaniyappan Do you have any idea regarding this?

Generally, the REFramework is made for processing multiple transactions, so if there is something else that can be used as a transaction (e.g. one file submitted to a website out of several, a page which is loaded repeatedly, etc.), it would be best to get user input and perform additional steps for setting up something else as the transaction item instead. This would all be done in the Init stage.

However, if you want to use the user input as the transaction item, you likely won’t need the TransactionData variable. Just make sure that the string you get from the user is set to Nothing at the end of the process so the Get Transaction Data state goes to End Process.

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should I delete the Transaction Data variable completely or should I leave it as it is?

Either way is fine. The benefit of leaving it in place is that it makes it easier to use it later if you need it. The downside is that it does take up some amount of memory. I tend to prefer deleting it, personally.