How to use Input-Dialog Activity In an Unattended Process?

I have an attended process which has 2 input dialog activities in the beginning of the process and according to the answer the process runs. Now I want to make the process go un-attended, now how do I answer the questions from the orchestrator?

Because the machine where I am gonna run the automation is a VPS and RDP has a limitation of 1 user at a time so when Orchestrator is using the machine I can’t login to the VPS and answer the questions.

Similarly, The process also involves getting input from an excel file. Now suppose I want to add new rows to the excel file, do I have to publish the process again and again? When it was unattended, I could just edit the excel file and it’s done. From where do I edit the excel file now without the need of republishing?

You need to edit the process. The input dialogs could be replaced by input arguments in Main workflow. Then you can specify the values in Orchestrator. You can read more about arguments from here: Orchestrator - About Input and Output Arguments -

Move the Excel file outside of the project directory. That way you don’t need to republish after changes.

Hi @Tejaa ,

Thanks for reaching out.

If you use Input dialogue you need someone to go on the machine and give input.
Instead of you can use Assets to replace Input Dialogue you can update it at any time.

and for excel you can place it in shared location and pass the file path in input

Hope it works for you.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

You mean I keep it in a folder in the VPS and I add the file path as an asset in the orchestrator and later pass the asset to the required excel activities?

Yes, and make sure the path you are keeping the file has access to the robot.
So there is no issue with that.

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I will do a folder in the desktop page and keep it there. Hope that is fine?

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wherever works for you

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