How to use In/Out Arguments?

I am invoking a workflow file that takes in a DataTable, adds an item to it, and outputs the collated DataTable. I think this requires an In/Out argument, but I am not sure how this works. Do I place the “In” variable I want to store it in the “Value” field and when I call it again it is updated with the “Out” value?

While invoking work flow assign datatable to In/Out arguments

In the same way while you are in the child workflow which has been invoked you can assign out_datatable variable to this argument and you will have its value in parent workflow.

See this also



Here you can get clear idea about the arguments


But it is not a best practice to pass data table as a argument Since it will take really long time to execute.

Hi @Divyashreem,

Yes you are right. But some unavoidable situation we can not omit it dependence upon the project.


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