How to Use Http Request with two variables

How can I use HTTP Request, GET method, with two String variables, with the argument “or”, in a single parameter? Example: Or variable2



For getting a HTTP Request response you need to have a correct endpoint

So it better to place a if condition and define you condition accordingly you can put variable1 or variable2 to the endpoint

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Would you like to have any examples on how to use these properties with Https request activity in UiPath
And if so
This would help you

This document depicts the way to connect your orchestrator with API and it has lot of methods of API


If you are referring to API of a specific application then we need to refer the API documentation for that application like what parameters are needed like header, body, parameters and ofcourse endpoint url (which is mandatory)
Once after getting to know them we can use it in the same way like as suggested in above link

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