How to add parameters ( existing varaibles ) in HTTP request in UiPath


I am trying to call an API using HTTP request.
I need to pass a different parameter which is stored as a variable.

From the screenshots - The For Each loop has the variable (item) which I need to pass to the End Point.

The End Point looks like this - cholecy.json.

So from the above the URL I need to replace “lap cholecy” with the variable “item” inside the loop. I tried using item.toString inside the body section, it didn’t work. I also passed item.toString as a parameter, it didn’t give me the result.

Kindly help.


Hi Manu,

Wouldn’t it work to just modify the endpoint?” + item.tostring

Do you have to send the json file aswell? maybe try to add as attachment, or read the content of the json as a text and put it in the body (?)

Have run this API with something like Postman before trying the uipath activity?

Hi @RockSolid,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I need to send the Json file. However, thanks for suggesting to modify the endpoint.
I have modified it this way - “"+item.ToString+".json” and it is working.

Appreciate the help.


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