How to use Get List Items using SharePoint on Premises

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Can anyone please help on how to use the Get Item activity using List Name or ID and Site URL. Please check the below snip for more reference.


Note : I have successful connected with SharePoint by this steps ( Integration Service - Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint authentication (


In my case I used the Activities named Sharepoint Application Scope and Get List Items.

  • Sharepoint Application Scope: I set it up with the credentials that have access to the SharePoint list and added the site URL.
    Example URL:

*Get List Items: I configured it with the List Name.
Example Name: DB_ListName

  • Example:

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Hello @Pamela_Sibaja

The above activity is not compatible with 2023.4.4 version, please correct if I am wrong ?

Hi @8SEVEN ,

In my case I used these activities with 2023.4.4 version.

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Please let me know if you need anything else.

Hello @Pamela_Sibaja

Can you please share the package name?


Of course, I forgot to send you the package. I apologize for that

No problem @Pamela_Sibaja

I see this when I try to install, can you please suggest why do I see this.

This error appears when using Windows Framework, this package is only in Legacy Framework, because UiPath Team is migrating all packages, so there are still pending packages.

Also, I recommend you create the project in the old framework to avoid problems or use other steps:

Finally, the video shows how to create the connection and the activity to get items in Share Point is named Get List Items.