Can we read excel in flowChart and loop through each rows from excel and repeate the some sequence?


Is it possible to read excel in the FlowChart ? My scenario is i have to read data from excel and for each row from excel i have repeat sequence execution in FlowChart.

Please let me know can i achieve this? if yes how can i do it?

Thank you so much for the support we are getting till now.


Hi @Patil_Nivedita - Yes, you can while loop activity OR send the connector back to the sequence. Please check below screenshot

  • Take sequence within a flowchart, use Excel activities to perform the operations

Since you are using flowchart, it would be better to run the sequence based on the decision

Hi @Patil_Nivedita ,

Maybe you could check the below post, it does seem to have an Example ready. Let us know if this doesn’t align with your expectations :

@Patil_Nivedita You can also try with Repeat Number of Times activity within the flowchart

You can have the excel activities within activity and can run how many times you want. It’s just passing the number in the activity to define the number of times you run