Passing variables after reading each row in flowchart

my goal is to create a workflow with more steps to run and save report by just reading one excel file that does all the steps per row.
I just created a simple process for now for 1 variable to pop up a message for 2 rows. So far nothing works the way I want it, at first i tried a suggestion that ran it through the loops in a1 and then went to a2 but only got the last row.
My hope is to:

1.Read excel file, see how many rows there are - 2 rows, meaning I would need to do the workflow 2 times.
2. Read row 1, extract the value for variable (column, in this case Start Date), pop up a message using that start date (in reality i want to run report and save it but will create steps for it later)
3.Read row 2, extract the value for variable, pop up a message
4.No more rows left. End the process.

I don’t want to create super nested sequence, I want to do flowchart
here is my work so far. I want a1 to pass variable to a2, then come back to a1 to grab the row 2 variable and pop up the message in a2 again and then if it is done, just end the process
a1.xaml (10.4 KB)
a2.xaml (4.9 KB)
variables.xlsx (9.1 KB)