How to use find Children?

How does find children work exactly…
What does it return? OR how do I know what it’s going to return.
Like if I want to find the children from a table, and I want it to return all children
that have a checkbox and a price.


The children are essentially any tag that’s inside the selector you are looking at. Like if you look at the html, you will see many “<td”, “<tr”, and “<a” tags, and others too. So the activity is going to return all of them, and it returns it as an enumerable (if I remember right), so you would perform a loop with some conditions to find the tag that matches your criteria and perform actions on it. There might be a property so you can Filter down to specific tags in the Find Children activity (but i can’t remember for sure); you can also perform any LINQ/lambda expressions to manipulate/filter the list to meet your criteria.

Also, it’s not the only way to interact with websites as it’s just one way to do it, and other ways might even be easier or more efficient (like my favorite method, using a variable as part of the selector to click a link), but on occasion the Find Children is a useful method to learn.

I don’t have a sample on me to send, but there are many examples on the forums if you do a search.

I hope this helps you understand its use a little bit.