How to use filter DT for 2 conditions

Hello guys .

i want to remove the rows which have type CV with negative number sign (highlighted in the image ) from the DT

kindly suggest .RVv

Hi @Akhil_Raveendran

Use read range and then use for each row and give if condition as row(“type”). To string.contains(“cb”)
Use in then condition as remove data row


Any other way ? the number of rows are high in real case .

Yes use row(“type”).To string and row(“sign”). Tostring.contains("-")

Use remove data row activity


Hi @Akhil_Raveendran
You can try the linq query for this


  1. read the excel and store in dt1

  2. use the assign activity

dt1= dt1.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(“type”).ToString.Trim<>“CB” And CInt(row(“sign”).ToString>0).CopyToDataTable

dt1 is now a filtered datatable with no type of CB and negative signs

Hope it helps

Nived N