Unable to remove rows from data table using filter datatable activity


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in my data table ORDER NUMBER column having so many record, just i want only 8 digits number records, i wrote the condition like this but it is not deleting any record below 8 digits like (10000000). any one help me.

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Hi @shaikjani

looks like you have not specified the output parameter to the same datatable variable. I have done a similar thing for you. Just take a look. It is working as expected.

FilterDataTable.xaml (5.8 KB)

If this works for you, please make sure to mark the appropriate answer as the solution so it could help others who are searching for same solutions :slight_smile:

I wold suggest you to put that 10000000 number inside a double quote and this might solve the issue,
Since the table column values are of type string(in case) then you have to put in double quotes in the value area of filter data table.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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Hi @shaikjani
You are using wrong operation. Use >= instead of <.

Hi pavan,

I tried like what you said, but it is not working.

i thought that when read rang of excel. datatable not getting correct formate.
thats way the column ordernumber not identifing.
any one help me about this.

Did you try the solution I provided? Did it work for you? In mine, it captured the ordernumber without a problem


Hi bro,

the column ORDER NUMBER not identified.

HI @shaikjani

Sorry… My mistake there…

In this, change the column “OrderNumber” to “Order Number” or “[Order Number]”

It will work :slight_smile:



Sorry Unable Remove columns bro.

Sorry I’m unable to access the xlsx file you just shared in the above post, could you try sharing it here in the forum itself?

Do you want to remove the rows that fall into that filter or do you want to remove a column? Filter data table will only remove rows

yes, i want to remove rows only

if create datatable using build datatable activity and give the values it is filtering,
but if i read excel and store into datatable then filter datatable not filtering, even it is not showing any error.

text type filtering working fine, but number type variable if i am passing it is not filtering. why it is.

it should work in the solution i provided bro. I just checked it again and it is working fine for me… in my filter I have added remove all rows where order number is less than 100000. and it works… doesn’t it work in yours?

Hi @shaikjani
You are using wrong operation. Use >= instead of <.