Value for required activity argument 'extractMetadata' was not supplied uipath


what’s possible cause of the problem ?

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When you are using Extract Structured data activity. you have to pass the Extractmetadata Property. to extracted the data from

Extracts data from an indicated web page. You can specify what information to extract by providing an XML string in the ExtractMetadata field, in the Properties panel. This can easily be generated with all the properties set by using the Data Scraping wizard.

An XML string that enables you to define what data to extract from the indicated web page.



ExtractMetadata is automatically generated XML string that extract data from the indicated web page.
It suppose to be generated when you use Data scraping wizard.
I think you have dragged from activity pane and try to indicate on the screen.

Please use Data Scrapping wizard and follow up the instruction give below.

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hi ,

I know the reason, it only works from the web page .

What’s the trouble here .
Could you be more specific.

Is there a spec on the XML you can put in this field or are you only intended to copy and paste some XML generated from another block? In that case, it would seem pretty useless to have the field at all.


its written here taht data scrapping also works on any document but i have a pdf document consisting of 3 pages i want to extract only tables from this pdf but i am not able to use datascraping its throwing an error it says this control does not support data extraction.

Your pdf may not be formatted if it is structured it should work


i am attaching you my pdf.DummybankData.pdf (594.9 KB)

Hi pathrudu,

Have you seen the pdf which i have provided you.?

@aamir it’s not a well structured PDF.

Then any suggestion please how could i extract a table from it from multiple pages.

I just used Data Scraping wizard against your pdf and I was able to the data; see attached workflow.
Update the path in the Write CSV activity before running the workflow. (2.0 KB)



I have used Scrape Data activity however it is not working for unattended robot though it is working for attended robot…


Is there any way to extract the XML string “manually”?
I don´t have studio installed in a PC and am meant to use only UIExplorer to collect the selectors, then build the process based on those selectors when Im back in my PC. Thus I havent been able to get Data Scraping working, as the ExtractMetaData property is missing.

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