How to use Dispatcher and Performer in this scenario?

Hello experts !
I have a task to add item to a queue and after all item added to queue i need to process it.

My question is :

  1. Should i need to use REFramework for Dispatcher too ?
  2. If yes, how ?
  3. if no, why ?

Hi @RobotUi

Check the below thread. You will have the steps of Dispatcher and Performer


Hi @RobotUi,

You can use the REFramework for a dispatcher but must modify many activities (check the link shared above). For my processes, I always use the REFramework for the dispatcher and performer, and works perfectly for me.

But everything depends on your requirements, in particular, the dispatcher is a linear process so you can or not use the REFramework.

Juan P.

Hi RobotUi,
The answer is yes, you need to use REFramework Dispatcher and REFramework Performer.
Here we have a video from to start to finish about REFramework.

NOTE: For more details about REFramework then you can check the REFramework documentation attached here:
REFramework Documentation-EN.pdf (1.1 MB)


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