How to use arguments?

Hello guys! I’m learning how to use the invoke activity. I can not understand the passage of arguments. I did an example of two distinct job flow with passing arguments from one to another. Can someone tell me why it does not work? The following is an example.Main.xaml (7,4 KB)
Message.xaml (5,2 KB)
ReceiveMessage.xaml (4,7 KB)

Hi @mauro.morais,

Please remove the variables inside Message.xaml and ReceiveMessage.xaml. Having an argument and variable with the same name is confusing the bot. Therefore not assigning values to the arguments in your workflow.
Consider arguments as your gateway to pass values in and Out. And the scope of variables is within the given workflow!



@PD2 You are the master. Thank you very much!!!

You’re welcome Mauro!

Happy Automating!


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