How to use Anchor Base activity?

Hi. I have button in web page and I want to click ‘CRM’ button.And this button can change location

I am using Anchor Base like that but not working what am I do wrong?

While using the anchor base activity, either you should have one stationary object which you are putting as an anchor and then whatever you are supposed to click should be around that stationary object. Here i can see there is no stationary object, all are randomly positioning icons.



In your case I think “Find Image” would be a better option.

You can use Anchor Base if you are able to choose an element that is relative to the “CRM” button.



Did you get correct selector for the CRM button, if not then Try with image click. Not a good way to handle it, but that’s the solution can make it.

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Its worked thank you all



Glad it worked. I however think the Anchor Base is not needed here. Just in case you need more options.

If using Find Image (the Output returned will be an UiElement).
Add an If activity to check if not UiElementVariable is nothing then click the image.

If using ImageExists (the Output returned will be a Boolean)
Add an If activity to check if image exists then perform the click activity.

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