How to use a tab I just opened


My Bot have to follow a process on a specific website.
There is a step in this process where there is a second Tab opened.
The bot have to go on this second tab and continue the process .

I’m looking for the best way to focus the bot on this second tab.
For the moment he always go back on the first tab.

I’m using UIPATH 2021.10.5.

Please give me some help by message and not by sharing workflow.

Hello @anon52976114 ,

For opened new tab you need to pass the top level selector for the Attach browser activity (as the browser item is changed here).
Later you can use paartial selector inside this attach browser.


@anon52976114 try this, design the flow within attached browser activity.
It may avoid your issues.
To switch tab use send hotkey method Ctrl+Tab

I’m not sure to understand.

I’m using the NApplicationCard activity to open my browser on the target website, after few action the bot click a button that open a new tab. I’m not using any attach browser activity so far.

If I understand you well, Rohith, I have to add an Attach browser activity with the url of my new tab ?

if yes can you please let me know how to get the URL of my new tab please ?

That’s what NApplicationCard is. If you’re on classic, the activity is Attach Browser. On modern it’s Use Application/Browser.

What you have to do is another Attach Browser or Use Application/Browser with appropriate selector for the new tab that opened. The can be nested.

Use App/Browser

  • click that opens new tab/window
  • Use App/Browser for new window
    – some activities
  • end nested Use App/Browser
  • some more activities
    end original Use App/Browser

That’s interesting,

So I just have to change the current URL of my Application/Browser to make it a string variable and change this variable with the URL of the new tab ?

How can I get this new URL btw ??

No. Add the Use Application/Browser and click indicate. It’ll get the selector for the new window, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the URL. The URL is typically only used when you want Use Application/Browser to open the window itself, which isn’t what you’re doing. You’re attaching to a window that opened already.

So it’s an Application/Browser activity inside another Application/Browser activity ?

It can be inside, but doesn’t have to be. Depends on your process.

Ok, can you just explain me a bit more how to avoid that Application/Browser open a new page. because like you said I already have my page open and don’t want a new one.

I’m not sure to see any option “indicate”

Look in the properties of the Use Application/Browser, there are various settings for what it does.

For example, if you want it to error if the new window doesn’t exist, then set Open to Never. If you want it to close the new window when it’s done, set Close to Always:


The documentation does a good job of explaining an activity’s properties.

Just Google “uipath use application/browser” and this comes right up:

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