How to use a complete Excel template (Formatting, sheet name, etc.)


I’ve read this topic.
I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but it’s not working properly for me.

My goal is simple. I have a template Excel file. It contains two sheets.
Each sheet has “headers”.

I am creating a file with a dynamic name (including timestamp basically).

Everything seems to be set but I have an empty workbook in the end.
Nothing from the model is written (even sheets) in the created file.
I checked the template and it’s fin (everything is written).

Do you have any idea about what I’m missing at this point ?

You should write the data in that workbook then only you can see the data.

You mean sheets and headers will be written only if I add some data into it ?

I finally just used the Copy file activity. But it’s not exactly the way I was looking for.

So Hear you need to write the data into another excel sheet let me know if am wrong.


  1. Read the data. Read activity.
    2 Write the data. Write rage activity.

If this does not work Please let me know i will try to give a better answer.

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I think the term “template” might be confusing. I think this post describes nicelly what it’s for: Template file property in Use Excel File - #6 by Yoichi


So you would indeed need to do some actions with the data in order to copy the file.

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Yes but I need first to create a file based on a template file.
So it’s just a blank file with headers (no data, just headers of the data table).

But like @efelantti said, the property is just here to design quickly some aspects.

It’s not about re-using a file.

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