Copying template issue

Hi, I have template fixed with headers and structure wise.

I am feeding the data into it.
Like once I feed the data Jan and move this template into the another location.
Here there is issue, in Sheet1 there is template. I have to read this and I have to rename it’s sheet name to Jan, and move to the another folder.
Agian I am reading the data of Feb now I have to feed into the masterTemplate.
And rename it’s sheet to Feb but now I want to copy the template into the first template like Jan,

Basically I want to create the template in diff - 2 sheet. can you just suggest me.

Note:: Always I have master template, which I copy and fee the data then move to appropriate folder. Again I copy the master template only.

SO now the que is can I merge the template in one, Like I am feeding the data based on the month name.

I want to merge like Jan | Feb | March | sheet data…

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do we have any colored rows and columns in the template
if not we can use that template and then use APPEND RANGE Activity to append our datatable with similar columns as of in template
–and to change the sheetname
this thread would help you

Cheers @balkishan

Template is like this bro, so I want to copy the exact same template…