How to upload per each folder?

I need to upload each folder, included the files who are stored in it. those files are .pdf, .rtf

I need to upload each folder at the time in a browser area.

Hi @Nightowl_music,

You mean to say upload each of the folders in the respective folder, rgt?


Can you please tell in detail where you want to upload the folders.


Can u upload the files by dragging the file to the browser areas ?

Is there any possibility for it ?

no, have to click open every time , then upload

Then use for each row to loop through files and do the required hi automation for uploading the files

Try this way


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the problem is he’s looping through every folder in one upload. and I want to upload one folder with files. then close browser, then upload another folder with files. and continue like that

Can u upload folder there instead of file is it possible?

no just files

no just upload 1 folder with the files, then go back to the next folder and upload the files of that folder and so on

Hi @Nightowl_music ,

You cannot upload the folder to browser, because it is in open state, it have end point.

I mean to say, folder location would be → c:/user/folder
where as file location would be ->c:/user/folder/file.pdf

See, at the end it should be having some extension to upload tat.

In your case, wat you can do this. You can zip the folder and upload it or create a folder in browser if it permits[like google drive-> we have option to create folder] and in that upload file one by one…

Does it solves your need?

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see this is my upload screen, I need to upload each folder at the time, included the pdf, rtf files. those can be different in amount. most important thing is, for each upload just 1 folder at the time.

@Nightowl_music ,

The above screenshot shows the files to select not the folder. In this case what you can do is…

1.Specify the director from which it has to take files…

  1. Type into → Indicate the element as below

  2. Later run this workflow. It uploads all the file in that folder and stops…

in these folder are enclosed, pdf, rtf files…
in need to upload each folder at the time. so not everything in one run.

Hi @Nightowl_music ,
Yes, as i suggested. It does for only one folder. Later you have to pass another directory path to run for different folder