How to upload different extension files in browser?

I have this code for my .pdf files. but I need also to upload .rtf files. I would like to do this in 1 upload.


Hi @Nightowl_music. Welcome to forum

U can try like this


@Nightowl_music - Please check this post…

thanks, but after that I would like to upload them in take. but I only get the .pdf file.
I use type into action, writting " item"

Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 16.34.58

your expression doesn’t work btw… :roll_eyes:

@Nightowl_music - Another Option…(I have shared the post which has another code)

Directory.GetFiles(Filepath,".jpg").Concat(Directory.GetFiles(Filepath ,".png")).ToArray

So u need to upload all file at once in one single type into activitiy

yes prefer to do that

Then how to type the all filepath in typeinto activitiy finally ?

Can u share format

Directory.getfiles(file path,".",search option.alldirectory).where(s=> s.endswith(".pdf")||s.endswith(".rtf"))

I assign the path to variable. using it in a for each, item. then using “item” in the type into field.

Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 16.34.58