How to Upload image into a website with "click" event

Hello everyone!
I did everything to find a solution on FAQ, youtube and tutorials.

No way to find a solution!

I just need to “click” and transfer/upload pictures from google drive (or simply my hard disk) in to a website.

I use instance for “click” as, system needs to click first to open the window to select files.

Pls see pictures
click event

Are you having some Rest API calls for that application in order to upload the needed files? If yes, you can test them first in the Postman tool and then create automation with HTTP Request activity (UiPath.WebAPI.Activities).

Drag and drop task can be done easily in UiPath Studio using simple Click and Hover activities . In order to drag an image from one position and drop it to another position , follow these steps:

  1. Create a Sequence and add Open Browser activity to it. Enter the url of your desired web page .
  2. Now in the Do section, add a Click activity and indicate the image you want to drag using Indicate on Screen . Also set ClickType as CLICK_DOWN in properties of Click activity.
  3. Then drag a Hover activity below Click and again indicate the area where you want to drop the image using Indicate On Screen .
  4. Again add 2 Click activities below Hover activity, indicating the area where image needs to be dropped . For 1st Click activity , set ClickType as CLICK_DOWN and for 2nd Click activity , set ClickType as CLICK_UP :tada:

Reference: How To Automate 'Drag And Drop'

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