How to upload data from Database to queue?

Hi All,

I have data in Database, I need to upload the data into a queue can someone help me on thus??


Hey, I think this topic might help you:

Add Database Package in your Project
Connect to DB by passing the connection String
Use the output of this activity Connection object and pass it to execute query activity along with the query
Pass the datatable output if it is not nothing to the Bulk Add Queue Item activity.
Disconnect the connection


  • First get the data from the data base using the execute query activity
Select * from your table name
  • The output of this activity will be data table
  • Now, use bulk add queue items activity to load the data table to the Orchestrator queue
  • or you can loop through the data table and load the each row of data to the orchestrator queue

I am getting error like that

@HeartCatcher Print the data table rows count just to make sure it has data. Also, print the config variable to make sure it is getting the exact queue name

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