SQL Data to Queue


I am very new to UIPath and i am working on my first project. i need some help.

How do i add SQL Data to Queue?

Steps i performed:
1.Connected to DB using Connect Activity.
2.Executed a select query using Execute query Activity(Is it possible to verify if the data is fetched or not?)
3.Stored the output to a variable.
4.Using For each Row in Output Variable i am trying to add the rows to queue.

is it the rite way to do?

Thank You,

Hi @Sidhartha,

Welcome to the forum. You are almost close to the solution. After step 2 you have to the result of execute query in datatable variable. Using output datatable variable you can view the result.
Also you can add each transaction in datatable into workqueue.

Please feel free to reach out to community in case you face any issues.

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Hi @Sidhartha,

Welcome to UiPath Community Forum!!!

Yes, steps mentioned by you are correct.

Output from executequery activity will be stored into datatable variable. You can check how many rows are available in datatable using count property on datatable.

To add row data to queue you can use add queue item activity.

HI @san.nagane ,

Thanks a lot for your response.

I executed the query on my DB and there is one row.

But here if my steps are correct, the row must be added to the queue rite?

Could you also tell me the steps to check the count. i know we have to use Datatable.Rows.Count, but not sure where.

Sidhartha Ranganathan.

Hi @Sidhartha,

You need to add row content to queue item’s ItemInformation property.

Please refer below topic for more details on how to add information to queue item.


Hi @Amol

Thank you for your response.
I am not receiving any errors when i execute the flow, but the transaction details does not show any data. Not sure if the data is really getting fetched or not.


HI @san.nagane,

I missed ItemInformation property. Thanks a lot.

Now it works.