How can i create upload button for upload attachment path

We have Input Dialog activity to take input as string. like that i want upload image file activity to pick up image file only by mouse click and store image file in a variable.

just like this popup window:

You can use Select File activity and see if that works for your case.

Do you know the file path to your image?

You may just be able to type it directly into the file name textbox/combobox once you click “Choose File”.

But i want that combobox by uipath activity. But in uipath i did not find activity which display that combobox.

Did you try Select File? It doesnt display the combobox, but will ask for the file in the same way…

i tried but combobox is not displaying.

yes, i know it doesnt, if you really need to create a form, the go with this: