Question about exporting formulas in a data table to Excel


I am trying to extract data from an Excel file(e.g. Excel file A) and update it in a data table. The data table will contain data from Excel file A and some formulas. After that, I would like to export the data from the data table to another Excel file (e.g. Excel file B).

As I would like to update Excel file B periodically, I used the append range function to export the data table to Excel file B.

However, when exporting the data table to Excel file B, the formulas exported to the file could not update automatically.

For example:
1 2 3 (=A1+B1)
2 3 3 (=A1+B1) (<- shall be =A2+B2 and output “5”)

Could you please help suggest a way to update the formulas automatically in the Excel file when exporting the data table to it? Thank you so much!

We have copy paste range activity for to copy formula of excel.