Excel Write Range does not update columns with formulas associated with written cell

My bot writes a datatable(with existing data) into an excel workbook.

For simplicity, we assume the datatable only has 1 column of data(date), and the data will be written into column A of Sheet1.
At Column C of the same sheet, there is a formula already inplace, that takes the date in column A, and add a day to it.

So if cell A1 has 21/02/2018, cell C1 will be value 22/02/2018.

However, some of the columns are not reacting to the values in column A correctly. about every 10 rows, there is about 1 that has the same date at column C that has the same value as column A.
I wouldnt be able to upload the workflow here as it contains sensitive data.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you upload excel sheet with some dummy data

dummy excel.xlsx (17.5 KB)

Column A of sheet1 is compared with cell A1 of sheet2.

The formula in column B is basically:
if sheet 1 column A date is less than sheet2 cell A1, sheet 1 column B will show the date of sheet2 cell A.
if more, sheet1 columb B will be the date in sheet1 columb A