How to unzip a unfixed folder which download from web?

Hi All,

There is an issue when I tried to unzip a data folder which download from web, the data folder is not fixed because I need to download the data folder from web everyday, and it’s acutomatic save into window’s Downloads path. Could any one know how to download the data folder from web into a fixed path, then unzip it, at last we could copy the excel to spreadsheet? Thanks.


If you use Chrome (or Edge) and you can change settings of it, can you try to turn on “Ask where to save each file before downloading” as the following? We can save it in fixed path if input it in each download.





Hi @Yoichi , but the unzipped folder is not fixed, Does the activity of " Extract/Unzip Files" can unzip the files everyday


How about the following? It may be necessary to modify this logic according to structure of content of zip file.