How to uncheck list of check boxes in citrix

Please guys can you let me know how to uncheck a list of check boxes in citrix. My requirement is, I have list of check boxes in citrix environment I need to uncheck them regardless of check mark means sometimes I get some check boxes with check mark I should uncheck all checked boxes and unchecked . The check activity won’t work and it is not capturing any selectors, can you face this anywhere in your projects if yes please let me know urgent I’m working on that.

Reply me as soon as possible if you need any questions regarding this I will let you know

Hi Sudha,
in Citrix environment, You have to use Click Image activity because check activity won’t work in Citrix.

If you want to unchecked all the checked boxes, then you can use Image exist in a do…while loop and a click image activity in if condition. Loop will run till the image Exist activity will return true.

Hi @Sudha,

In CItrix Environment as known the check activity wouldn’t work ,and also if yo want that to uncheck only sometimes as it would be checked sometimes or unchecked ,for that you can follow these steps
1)By using Image exists(accuracy to 1 only if the image and font of text doesn’t change) check whether the checked image exists for that particular checkbox along with the text and then if exists then Uncheck
2) else then again check for the unchecked image and if exists leave it
Like this you can achieve this task ,i understand this is a bit clumsy approach but this is the only way you can get closer to accuracy.

I hope this solves your issue