Underscore Disapear Condition Bug in Studio

Dear UiPath Community,

i found a very annoying bug.

Appearance: when i use activities with Conditions like (Decision, If, Switch-Case).

When i write in the Conditionsfield long programming Statements and i want to Format that with Underscore _ for a newline (in Code). All works fine. But when i click the Conditionsfield later again. The Code disapear and the Code is lost forever.

I test it on different Studio Versions, different Machines and different Collegues :P.

Sry for spelling mistakes.

kind regards


@loginerror @ovi will look on this

ps. It happens when u click the texfield directly not the three dots.

can you update me?

The issue will be fixed in 2018.4.0. The fix is already live in the Beta release :slight_smile: