Studio Comment Activity Markup syntax?

Is there documentation on the markup syntax for Studio Comment Activity ?

I ask as I can’t get a underscore character to work out but I can get put bullets in my comments using “*” characters. So comments are obviously using some short of wiki-like markup syntax.

Can I have a screenshot of it
I hope underscore will work
As the comment activity takes any expression as comment if given as input
Cheers @soneill437

I updated the post adding requested image.

They do take any expression but it appears to be passed through a markup handler before display so the end result on screen might not turn out as expected.

Did we try with Annotations
Like each activity has a option of it
Right click on the activity and click in Add Annotations
We can ping that to the activity so that it will be displayed along the activity in the design panel
Cheers @soneill437

Yes, Annotations were tried and they work for any expression without markup interpolation like Comments apparently do. Going to Annotations doesn’t answer my question. Comments obviously applying so sort of markup display interpolation and it’s not documented that I can find.

have you tried doubling the underscores?

Using double underscores makes the enclosed text italic :slight_smile: I found an old post where someone did a test with five (5) underscores and that works.

But, still hoping for an answer to my question. Where is documentation for the Comment Activity markup syntax be that UiPath documentation or whatever publicly available third-party/site the markup syntax library/class they used is from ?

I’ve found it works mostly like Markdown Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide but not exactly the same, some adequate documentation on what can be done with the activity would be fantastic and a more then welcome surprise.