How To Troubleshoot Error "NU1801: Unable To Load The Service Index For Source"

How to fix the Nuget connection attempt failure?


When trying to open a process in UiPath Studio, the error “NU1801: Unable to load the service index for source” is thrown.


  1. This type of error is thrown when there is a network issue between the machine and, which could be due to the firewall enabled in the machine or any restrictions on accessing online feeds.
A similar error can also be there for for the same reasons.

Make sure that online feeds are whitelisted for any such restricted rule or policy. For more details, see the official documentation Services The Robot Connects to .

2. Check in the Project panel if all the dependencies are resolved. If there are unresolved dependencies, right-click on a broken one and select Resolve Dependency. For more details, check the documentation: Repairing Dependencies

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