Trigger workflow via API without downloading/having UiRobot (from UiPath folder)

Hi, I’m able to trigger my workflow (from my orchestrator) using Postman API, can the trigger be done without downloading UiPath? Because before doing this (trigger workflow via API), we have a known prerequisite, such as:

  1. Downloading UiPath to have a UiRobot
  2. Running UiRobot and connecting it to the orchestrator.

I’m not entirely sure if the UiRobot should just run and be connected in one primary machine in able to trigger the workflow using an API in different machines (that don’t have UiPath & UiRobot), because I haven’t tested this yet.

So basically, I want to trigger my workflow via API using a cloud based solution in a different machine that doesn’t have a downloaded UiPath, is this possible?


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Hi @UiP_Mc,

I believe not.
The machine should have UiPath Robot installed so that it can be connected to the Orchestrator.

Thanks and regards.

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A possible workaround:
Can UiRobot be independently downloaded, without the whole UiPath folder? Because the intent is just to trigger the API without having to download the whole UiPath folder.

Yes. You can just install the UiPath Robot.
Please see the documentation below:

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Another question: if there were 2 machines connected on the same tenant orchestrator (using UiRobot, assuming that this is possible)
If I were to trigger the workflow from
Machine A will it then be executed from the same machine or would the robot be confused and somehow trigger it on Machine B?

Yes, you can connect more than 1 machine in the Orchestrator.
The orchestrator cannot be confused on what machine it will trigger the process.
It is because each machine has a unique machine ID. Then 1 robot = 1 machine.


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