How to trigger a process using orchestrator API with one bot


How can I trigger a bot process using orchestrator API with one bot licence?



Please check below thread and follow the steps.

HI, Sorry @lakshman but how does this work with one licence? I know how to call the API but how do can you trigger another process on the same machine? 1 license


Do you want to run all Processes in single machine only right ?

@lakshman yes. We want each process triggered by a particular email received. call it a trigger process, it looks for emails and if it finds an email that is associated with a bot process in orchestrator it will call that process to start. But i dont think I can. if i create a process to look for emails to then trigger another process on the same machine with the same bot. its a conflict right?

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Instead of that create one process only. If particular mail found run the process else stop.

Do you mean merge all bot processes into 1? or do you mean at the start of every process, have code to look for email and if recieved start the process?


May I know total how many processes are there ?

Could you please tell me overview of your all process for better understanding.


  1. One license
  2. 50 bot processes.
  3. each process is very different. each process belongs to a different department. some departments will have 5 to 10 but some may have only 1 to 2 etc…


So based on email received you have to trigger corresponding process right ?

Yes thats correct

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Create one master process with all those processes included in it. This master should be like this.

  1. First it will read mail from mail box and pass it to Switch Case activity.

  2. Use Switch Case activity and create 50 cases with process and provide mail. Based on which mail you receive it will trigger corresponding process.

Thanks for helping. That will create a very essentially one big process right? Is there a way to do this without making one big bot process? by calling the orchestrator API bot process?

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@lakshman any ideas?